Friday, April 4, 2014

I Miss My Happy Mail

I miss swapping! :O(

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...and so I bought these

       The Children's Hour...16 volumes published early 60's, maybe late 50's, RIFE (yeah I used that word) with incredible perfect delicious vintage illustrations, sat on the top shelf of the children's book section of the thrift for three weeks...maybe four, priced individually (UGH! Keep sets of stuff together!) for just $2 each, which was apparently just too much for anyone (I couldn't justify it for myself altho I wanted them and marveled that nobody bought them every week). Somehow, no unattended children got them off the top shelf and misplaced one, and no one bought JUST volume 11 or some such, destroying the set (I admit I thought about it, for just ONE volume is an ephemeral treasure, just look at the cover of volume 16!! Rocketships!) ..but I couldn't do it either.

Finally after all those weeks of pining and nobody willing even to pay $16 for the set, which had become half price week two, I knew these were One Of Those Things Meant For Me. I am convinced some things are invisible to other people just waiting for me to buy them. Why else would nobody want these incredible books? So they came home with me. :O) I will share some of the fab illustrations next time I have a spurt of energy.

Doesn't this cover remind you of that Twilight zone episode "To Serve Man"?

Here's what was going on above the box: Dean finds the bag of a million cat toys on the table.

So they don't stay there long.

Here's what else I scored that trip:
The long sheets are ATC backgrounds and bits...yes, I found Tim Holtz crap at the thrift!! Also caught another fishy for my shower aquarium.

This little old timey radio had been there a week before, so cute! I have to think the only reason no one bought it was that it's got a music box that doesn't work. 

 But who cares when it does this?

The charming fella on the left chic is he? I promised not to buy any more sweet porcelain lady figurines but he's a GENT. He's marked GERMANY and his age eludes me.
The ski bunny is sporting a trendy red fur, actual suede ski pants, and probably won me over even more because the Olympics were still on during this shopping trip.

Self explanatory.

Last but most elfish, this happy little pixie planter/lamp!! You know I am a sucker for a vintage $2 lamp with a freakin' pixie and a spiderweb on it!! I'm not sure what I should put in the planter but if I wait long enough, a legitimate spider will probably move in. :OP

Friday, February 28, 2014

...and then this happened...

Thrift-related miracle report!

I picked up these purdy lucite starburst canisters last year -$2 for the set :O), but missing one lid. :O(

For $2 I dealt with it, stashing my fiber bars in the big one, tea lights in the lil' one, and using the lidless middle one to hold misc. junk in the laundry area. But still I pined silently that they'd never be "whole".

Months and months later, while putting up Xmas decorations, I had the Big canister sitting on the table when Bitty, who can knock things over that she is not even close to, knocked it over. Thankfully the stuff is virtually unbreakable even by Destructo Cat. But what was this? There were TWO lids on the floor. My lightning fast brain realized the mid-lid must have been STUCK inside the BIG lid THE WHOLE TIME. Maybe the folks who donated it didn't even know it was there. It even had the small piece of tissue paper they put in stacky things so they WON'T stick, still on the lid knob-top. Suddenly I had a set of 3 with lids.

How did I and everyone else miss that lid? If you look at the first pic you can make it out (as I daftly re-created the lidless situation) -my eyes are crap, but I always look at everything I buy in detail just to satisfy my curiosity as to its age and worth. It's just weird. And hence, miraculous. :O)

I want to put something pretty in these now, but I dunno what. Looking for similar on ebay today I found the same set that sold for $54, zoinks! 

Thanks, thrift store mojo!

Linking to Thrifty Things Friday to spread the mojo!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Leftovers..

 ..of a crafty kind, which to some peeps, who like Xmas to be OVER when it's OVER, may be just as distasteful as almost month old food, but here you go anyway. A few thingys I made but have been too unconscious to share over the season. (Don't ask.)

              Here's my first attempt at an ornament wreath. I gathered up Shiny Brights and Woolworth's glass ornaments at the thrifts for about two months, or until they ran out. I wanted to use authentic vintage balls because I am obsessive and stubborn. I used the 'slide the hanger holder thingy over an unbent wire clothes hanger' method. I didn't glue any of the ornies because I wasn't (and still amn't) sure if I'm done with it. I do looove its shininess! I call it "The Blood & Tears of Xmas". But since the holidays are kaput and I still have it hangin', I suppose it's the blood & tears of Valentine's day. That fits too.

Here it is in 'real light'.

Also left on the Xmas platter is this easy peasy hangy thingy-

It RADIATES in a sunny window! I's just three old 45 records from back in the day when colored vinyl was the cutting edge tech of the music business and a couple of jump rings.

I probably shouldn't tell you to poke a hot pin through the record to make a hole for the jump rings, cuz there's probably some stupid safe gizmo for that, so I won't tell you.
I had these particular red records laying around in my stash for seriously, years, and have no clue where they came from. Score!

I thought about Xmas-ifying the record centers, but I want to leave them up for awhile, and red goes with everything. 

 This is my favorite thingy that I made this season. 

It's a teensy lamppost in snow in a vintage mason jar.

Squee!! Lights work!!!

It's a Christmas village accessory that runs on batteries hidden behind the jar. The very thin cord from the battery box to the lamp fits between the jar lid and glass with no prob! Credit for this goes to Salt Tree, which took me FOREVER to find NO THANKS TO PINTEREST. Anyhoo, thanks for looking!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Inspired and Still Alive, Woot Woot

 I am still not dead! I just seem to fall into these bloggy hiatuses like some mid-season finale of my fave tv program, which ugh, those irk me. And now it's Xmas? What the what?

At least I have something to show for my lapse in bloggery. One of the awesome crafters I stalk follow shared a terrific tutorial about her vintage doll head ornies. I was inspired immediately because, admit it, you don't see these every day. I have the attention span of..oh look, a doggie! tutes are usually not my thing, but Debi has a way about her. *now humming Billy Joel song* ... See her sweet/terrifying? dollies on her blog . When posed with the question cute or creepy, I just say YES to both.

My dollies were a bit less vintage then Debi's so I hacked off their shoulder joints and used E-6000 a lot.
Joyeaux Noel! Here's French Vanilla, or Holiday In Paris. She's got an Eiffel Tower on her head parted out from a gen-u-ine souvenir French key chain.

Frenchy's profile..check out that belt of bling.

Black Cherry...would tap dance for tips if she had feet.

I lerve these and forsee a Ginger in my future (since I still have a ginger headed dolly left). :O)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blowin' In the Wind (get it?)

I am writhing on the ground with disbelief that I finally got this hanky curtain together. I had saved hankies given to me from an old friend probably 13 or so years ago (PROcrastinatrix at work) that belonged to his mother in the 40's. So dainty and delicious. I'd wanted to make a curtain from them for some inexplicable reason since I got them, but there were a lot of white ones and I wanted a squidge more color of some kind. So in the past decade (gasp) I gathered a few more at thrifts and a couple at the Junque shop for cheap and finally found a combo of sizes and colors that, along with some thrifted vintage trims, are pleasing (to my eye) enough. I was so verklempt with happy at finishing it (hand stitched casually while watching old horror movies and Match Game '75) I did not take time to iron it or find a lovely ambient setting for the photo op. But above, I used one of those photoshoppy doohickeys for Added Loveliness.

No added loveliness but still pretty lovely, IMHO.

The row of yoyos was sent to me in a swap, and are so perfectly shabby and worn I had to use them all. My guess is they were from a disassembled baby quilt, they sort of have a love vibe.

This Jean d'Orly hanky is my fave ($1 at the junque shop) and I was deign to use it, but what good is it in a drawer, amiright? I lerve the polka dot detail in the morning glory hanky as well.

I have decided I need to gather up enough proper hankies for the other curtain now. :Ol

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Eighth of July!

 I confess I had to check the spelling of 'eighth', Apparently I don't spell it enough for my brain spellcheck to remember. :OP Thanks old age.

These are pretty large collages, about 5x5" on average - large compared to ATCs I guess.

  I LOVE using pink in unexpected places.

 These gals are actually on a beach in Oz at Xmastime. :O)

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