Friday, July 3, 2015

Bitty Does Not Care About Dottie Box

                                               Dottie Box Mini!

Seriously unimpressed Bitty cat with Dottie Box Mini

Can you not - cat

Dottie Box mini is a bitsy box with a few girly pretties inside from independent artists.

Copper or rose gold heart teensy studs from Dream Willow Studios <3 p="">
I gave these to Kya because she's classy like that.

OOooooooooooo what else...

Things in little packages = love

Embark scented body wash from Clean Machine

Cat still not impressed with sweet little bag o' polish from Poison'd Laquer

This is a nice aqua with iridescent tones called So Many Mermaids. <3 are="" for="" inspirations.="" laquers="" nail="" named="" p="" shakespearean="" their="">
Sweet presentation makes this little box a keeper for the time being at $13 including shipping. Feels like birthday!

Cat can't even.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Happy Day

Love Wins

One Box to Rule Them All

I'm pretty sure the human (muggle) equivalent of the Owl Post (my mail lady) will be bringing this month's edition of this swoon worthy subscription box fairly soon: how's about I pay attention to last month's box first. Fandom of the Month was among the first boxes I tried, and has lasted into a second month, a real tribute to the curation of the box. Because I am on a quest to try ALL THE BOXES but I don't have ALL THE MONIES, I'm forming a system of shuffling boxes in and out of my active list every month to stay within a stupid budget and find the bestest boxes for me whilst not arousing the attention of the hub because SO MANY BOXES - WHAT THAT COST ME? A box has to pique my interests beyond and aaawww dat kewt factor or it will be replaced by a different box experience the next month. Worst case scenario, a crappy box ends up out of rotation forever. Or so that's my plan anyhoo.

Fandom of the Month boasts a pretty strong goal:

The box has the highest aw dat kewt factor, which sounds like I'm making fun but actually, presentation is a HUGE factor in the way a box makes you feel. First impressions matter, but can be made in lots of ways.

I actually rec'd this box a few weeks ago, and the goodies aren't in their original pretty wrap.

Just opened. Oh it must be eye make up!! Oops, nope wrong box genre.

Three pieces of fandom-related jewelry selected by some awesome impish bookish culture faery, this month from LOTR.
The sweet bag was not wrinkly until I got hold of it, FYI

The White Trees of Gondor earrings, ooOOOOoooo

Incredibly adorable hobbit house door pendant. It opens and shuts with a magnet inside.

It's completely full of magic

and of course

*trumpet noises*
Golden "One Ring" bracelet...which may be upside down on account of I don't write elvish so I'm not sure

Gorgeous jewelry haul for $13 + 4 shipping. Like presents!

There was no Frodo in my box, but I forgive.

The Lord of the Rings is not a fave fandom of mine to be honest. I was not into that particular fantasy genre of literature as a kid altho I read a million books about otherworldly things. When the first LOTR film came out I was ...enchanted with the story and read the rest of the trilogy. I loved the imagery of the stories and the warmth or fierceness of the characters. I admit I skipped over the elvish songs, sorry 'bout it. But I was won over with this collection and will be keeping it. I think the hobbit door would make a fantastic pull charm for one of my dolls.

Fandom of the Month Club rocks.

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Kids Went to Pride......

...and all I got was this pile of condoms & lube. (T-shirt slogan idea?)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

random box - & cat - enjoy

A little over a month ago I accidentally came across a "subscription box" offer, which led me to think ERMAHGERD I CAN GET PRESENTS IN THE MAIL FROM MYSELF. Being heavily into Having To Know Everything About A Thing Once I Become Obsessed With It (in my youth I scoured libraries and magazines and newspapers, now there's the interwebz, *FMChildhood*) I began a furious googling and found out there are quite a few a BUTTLOAD of subscription boxes out there. Over the past few weeks I've been trying a lot a few of these boxes (okay a lot) and what a world! 

Other benefits of boxing.

A lot can be said pro & con subscription boxes, but as a person who A) loves mail (I practically died from happy as a tot when the Weekly Reader showed up in my mailbox during the Summer months, and I spent about 6 years involved in mail art and various other types of postal swaps thru blogs & Swapbot until I became too jaded and postage felt like rape...have amassed a postcard collection of several thousand) and B) as an introvert, loves surprises that I can enjoy alone and C) loves shiny things and D) loves grab bags/mystery boxes (I used to flail uncontrollably when my grandma would buy a ????MYSTERY BOX???? a few times a year from Fingerhut or some kitschy catalog place like Lillian Vernon in the 70's) and E) is pretty much a recluse who almost never leaves the house or sees real people. As all of these things listed in rambling fashion, I am enjoying wandering through the box universe in my jammies from the comfort of under my own rock. 

A portion of my booty boxes so far.

I'm no princess, so beauty boxes are not my main squeeze (of my pocketbook) but I do try a few cuz I love lotions & sample shampoos and teeny perfumes. I love candy & sweets and there are trillions of boxes of them. Food, drinks (I almost got carried away so much I bought a wine box. I don't drink! The bottles were cute!! I had a coupon that made it less than $28 for 3!!! But I got myself under control and will remain wineless *whew) there's health & fitness stuff (not my first choice), girl stuff, guy stuff, kid stuff and random fandom, geek, pet, crafts, alternative, handmade, smell good, bookish, stay-cation, spiritual, underpants, almost anything, in a box.

And I want to try ALL THE BOXES!!!!!

Well not all. My kids are all grownups, so no kid boxes. As I said, beauty boxes are at the mostly bottom of the list (silk purse sow's ear type of thing) altho I will share this kind of stuff with my daughters. Geek boxes I have to be careful with cuz I'm not into most of those kinds of fandoms, but I can share that stuff with my son. No guy boxes except maybe as gifts. No yoga boxes, I just do not bend that way. No boxes over $30 and for $30 it had better be a DAMN good box (like Flicker Box). I also promised not to ever buy pet boxes because my cats are ungrateful jerks, but I found a groupon....doh...

So I am stalking all the sub box lists and reviewers and boxes I'm interested in, on the lookout for deals and coupons and freebies. One of those spectacular boxes that outcosts my limit could be mine once with the right coupon! Vigilance! I like boxes you can try just one of, just to see, without commitment of renewal which you could forget about later and be irked at yourself when $20 comes out of the bank like whoops. I like boxes that shipping is included and not a bad surprise at the end of checkout. I like boxes you can pause for a month or so. I like boxes that you can control and particularly, cancel online. I like boxes that seem personal. I've already discovered a few things here and there, as you see, that make a box a better (or crappier) experience.

I will keep this space posted on the search for boxes I can not resist!

SO EXCITE!! Until the moolah runs out at least! :oD

Friday, June 12, 2015

Gypsy Spring & the Real Trailer Park Girlz

Gypsy Spring 

Dark eyes her previous mom put in

Some new pretty blue eye chips

Some new olive eye chips, because she's Olive Lucy's sister

New foils (DIY'd by cutting bits of a holographic dollar store pinwheel) add nice sparkle

My Real Girl in her birthday wig...she always said she liked Gypsy's hair, so I got her some!

Tell me I'm the favorite


If I could wink, I would


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Random Rainy Day Things

Cat in a box

Cat stole my cool black box from Black Box Subscriptions as soon as the opportunity arose, because cat. Box.

Here is some of my happy mail!! The Black Box, Fandom of the Month club box, and my new doll that I bought with my birthday gift card from Kya. *happy new dolly dance*
I have been a fool for my latest addiction, trying subscription boxes, which I will cull to a small group of perfect specimens after I examine and sample EVERY LAST ONE MUAHAHAHAHA. Ok not EVERY one, because really a lot are out of my financial sensibleness realm (and some are out of ANYBODY'S realm IMHO). 

But that's a story for another day.

I also received these fab dolly dresses I'd ordered from Lunaster on etsy. I LERVE her little knitted dresses and hats and her prices are so fair. I hope to have one for each of my girls some day.

This yarn haired lovey also arrived today. I think the P.O. saves up my packages until they are satisfied it's worth the trip, cuz everything always comes at once. Anyhoo, she's going to be my dredlocked dia de los muertos girl. SO EXCITE.

Speaking of my girls, here's my real life doll Eryn with her bitchin' blue hairs. LOVE THIS.

...and Bitty modeling a dolly wig I plan to day of the dead-out. Werk it grrrrl.

 We've had one of the coolest Mays ever here in CO and more rain than you can shake a rain stick at, and being a lover of gloomy weather I have adored it.

Now I have crap to put away and a set of birthdays to think about.

20!!! asdfghjkjhgdfgack

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