Saturday, May 23, 2015

Random Rainy Day Things

Cat in a box

Cat stole my cool black box from Black Box Subscriptions as soon as the opportunity arose, because cat. Box.

Here is some of my happy mail!! The Black Box, Fandom of the Month club box, and my new doll that I bought with my birthday gift card from Kya. *happy new dolly dance*
I have been a fool for my latest addiction, trying subscription boxes, which I will cull to a small group of perfect specimens after I examine and sample EVERY LAST ONE MUAHAHAHAHA. Ok not EVERY one, because really a lot are out of my financial sensibleness realm (and some are out of ANYBODY'S realm IMHO). 

But that's a story for another day.

I also received these fab dolly dresses I'd ordered from Lunaster on etsy. I LERVE her little knitted dresses and hats and her prices are so fair. I hope to have one for each of my girls some day.

This yarn haired lovey also arrived today. I think the P.O. saves up my packages until they are satisfied it's worth the trip, cuz everything always comes at once. Anyhoo, she's going to be my dredlocked dia de los muertos girl. SO EXCITE.

Speaking of my girls, here's my real life doll Eryn with her bitchin' blue hairs. LOVE THIS.

...and Bitty modeling a dolly wig I plan to day of the dead-out. Werk it grrrrl.

 We've had one of the coolest Mays ever here in CO and more rain than you can shake a rain stick at, and being a lover of gloomy weather I have adored it.

Now I have crap to put away and a set of birthdays to think about.

20!!! asdfghjkjhgdfgack

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Many Faces Of the Spooky Ghost of Doris Frost

This is Doris. She's a factory girl chosen for her luxuuurrrrrious mane of white hair.

She was pretty spiffy and shiny and rosy cheeked! Super cute!

But she was chosen for darker things.

..and she looks mighty fine in black.

...and she looked mighty fine in this splendid BHC outfit I splurged on for her...because I could not live without that Doris Day type hat. COULD NOT.

Doris judges you even from sideways on

She was beautiful in it. :O)

Then the spooky eyes. (Too scary to face right side up.)

Doris kept her pretty purples while I carved her a new expression.

And she looks a treat in her glittery reds. (Still judgey tho.)

Doris likes to cry in cemeteries when it rains. Her bird's name is Ghost.

She's not melancholy. Maybe meloncreepy.

I love Doris Frost.

Even when she CAN'T EVEN with her new hat.

She has violet tendencies. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Dolly Life

Inspired by the Blythe-a-Day flicker challenge!
Rock Me Amadeus starring Taylor Hanson-Swift

Exploration (Impending Doom)

Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?

Everybody in birfday hats for cinco de mayo. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Never Ever Story

Never Ever was the second girl I customized. She pretty much seemed to grump around until I got the huevos to make her over.

Never ever have you ever seen such cute shoes.
The stripey socks and dotty bloomers *swoon*

Here's Never Ever in her welcome home portrait. I honestly love that little red coat so much I'd marry it. Anyhoo, she was already a pouty pretty. My daughters adopted her for me last Xmas.I could tell from her demeanor she was a mini-me. Blonde and bitchy.

She had several wild animal encounters during her first weeks of exploration here.

Never is on the far left below in this first OHfficial portrait after Xmas . Sweating in her Ice Rune outfit but 100% factory girl, she was a bit introverted.

Not like Taylor Hanson-Swift, who knows how to catch the light in a photo op.

Never Ever, Murphy Bug, Truly Scrumptious, JJ, Evidence, Mori, and Taylor; dolly family as of 12-14

Here's Never today, after her plastic surgery. Looking unimpressed with how long it took me to share her picture on social media.

Taking a selfie.

I love my little disgruntled girl.


...and of course her pull string!

Still pretty. :o)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Crash Course in My Dolly Crush: the Evolution of Olive Lucy

This is the head of Rouge Noir.

She's a (real) Blythe doll from the early 2000's-ish that someone Freddie Krugered
and forgot in a plastic tub at their mom's until earlier this year, when she was found and sold on ebay with a box that wasn't even hers, to me. :o)

She's a type of Blythe that apparently you have to use a chainsaw to open if you 
want to work on her BrAiNsz. Her lovely red hair was *gasp* snipped off at the scalp, rendering her a bad-side-of-the-rug velcro head. Then her scalp was sooperglued back on-ish. I think 10 (or there about) years of lying in dolly limbo had added to the seperation of her noggin. But still!! 
In doll lingo, I learned these dolls bought to be "reworked" are called 'bait dolls'. I'm still not digging exactly why 'bait', but it may click eventually (until then it's a real brainworm...) I got her for a fraction of the cost of a new Blythe and felt that justified my being able to bravely try my hand for the first time at CARVING A FACE MUAHAHAHA. 

 This is the only pic I have of her before I dived into her re-do. Her nail polished eyelids and lips pleaded with me to immediately put her out of her miserable customization as soon as she got out of the box. Her orange hair was what initially attracted me to her. I wanted her to be my Lucille Ball. But her Imma-try-this-and-see-if-I-can-root-hair-whoops-not-so-much wig was nothing short of a BAD WEAVE, Girl! and could not be salvaged. She wore a cuuuute bucket hat for a while until I got the guts and the semi-appropriate tools to begin her new face, and as much as I really loved the kitschy tacky orrrrrrrrnge color, that sucker was baaadly made and had to come off.
Awesomely, there was the original clover doll stand in this box. And she came with a licca body.

For the life of me, I can't get why someone would cut off this sweet red hair in favor of...that up there. As you can see, she'd been DONE TO.
original Rouge Noir (not my pic OBVI)

After some sanding, lip carving, work on the spot the angel kissed her (philtrum), nose holes, coloring ("face-up") freckles, new eyechips, new lashes, new wig and a walk thru the wardrobe closet, Olive Lucy is...kind of a real doll. :o)

 Her scalp is still scary under her hairpiece, and she needs her earring stubs ...figured out. But for the very first girl I customized my own self, I am thinking she was meant to live here for sure. Well all my girlz are, but she was waiting for me. :o)
Olive Lucy

Another time I'll tell you about her sister...the one that ACTUALLY was born in the box...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's kept me busy?

I've decided to play with dolls.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Wreath (Makes me feel fine)

 I am in love with the wreaths made by georgiapeachez. Serious work goes into gathering the vintage ornaments she uses, designing, and GOOD GOD, THE GLUING.

I know from the gluing because I decided to make one myself, since I had all these gold and blue shiny brites sitting around from Too Lazy To Put Things Away Properly.
Her latest showcase seashells for a summery change of holiday! And I happened to have a giant heap of those my daughter gave me when she 'got over' seashells. (Sometimes you just get over things. Yay for me tho!)

I consulted georgia peachez blog for the best way to go about it, since she's The Pro and knows how to make them fabulous yet sturdy enough to withstand shipping. I used a diff wreath form and the totally wrong wire for a hanger, and tho my glue was 'high-melt- or whatever, I feel like this piece is destined for breakage. All the bits are so fragile!! I live in a crazy house!! You can see where I already broke two legs off that little starfish. Oddly, that weekend I found a bag of shells at the thrift with some starfish in, so I'll be fixing that, however temporary it may be.

But I do love it. The golden sunny shiny brites and the oceany swimming pool blue ones. There are a few clear bubbly ones that aren't vintage from my stash. And since I pride myself on using what I have on hand instead of buying stuff, I'm really proud to have found a use for the seashells. And the gold ornies, cuz gold is not my thing. But I am reminded of Yeats - "...pluck till time and times are done, the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun..."

I took a clear ornie, filled it with sand and tiny shells, and a vintage photo of this little girl in her swimming suit on some lake dock somewhere, from my collection. (We do not have ocean beaches here, ha!)

However ephemeral this wreath might be, it's sure purdy right now.

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