Monday, January 30, 2012

No Rehab for Thrift Scores

I'm cutting down on my thrifting *gasp* and swapping in order to take care of some more important financial obligations for a while. So far I've sucked at it. My name is Peace and I'm a thrift addict. Here are some goodies from an impromptu excursion to the Junque shoppe last weekend. 

The Hub surprised me with this Lefton angel, which I think he paid less for than the thrift likes to price them. There's one on ebay for $45 now. I refuse to pay over $6! This one is especially nice, no chips , cracks or broken wings! 

These three were in a bag together and remind me of a ladies drunk tank. I love the one on the left, could she be an old carnival prize? The middle one had me at her polka dots and ric rac, but my daughter says she's a hoochie. The other one has a rotundity I can not explain.

How awesome is this guy? I paid $5 which is too much, but cheaper by comparison to ebay & etsy and he is cuter than puppies and I NEEDED a kissing ball. Right?

Also paid too much for this box of shiny brites ($6) but they are so hard to find around here for cheap, and I want the boxes for shadow boxes and I swear one day I'll have enough balls to make one of those beautiful vintage wreaths. By balls, I mean shiny brites, duh. I've been waiting for tart pans, and these were  waiting for me. I can't wait to make Xmas ornies with them this year!

Shiny tart tins and jello molds...

...and I bought a little bag o' buttons...

...because I could not live without these PINK ones. And the others that look like marbles are glass, so I think $4 was not too much to pay.

Lastly I couldn't resist this pamphlet from 1953.

Seriously, none of these phones are in regular use now. My kids have no idea how to talk on the phone because of the evil that is texting. There are also pages on how to use a dial phone, how to use a phone book, telephone manners, and not hogging the party line. What did we do before we had a way to access facebook from the phone? Oh yeah, we TALKED on it. Not sure what I'll be using this classic for, but for now I'm just going to look at it and smile ironically.

Linking for the first time to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday, hooray!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I cannot pass up a good bargain at a thrift store...but I have cut way back. You did find some awesome stuff and a must have is a must have! Hugs, Linda

Diann said...

I love the tins and jello molds! There are so many things to do with them. i have really been cutting back thrifting too. Trying to deal with what I already have!

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